CALED Honors “40 at 40”

CALED’s 40 years of economic development leadership is inextricably linked to and made possible by the contributions of many individuals and organizations. As part of our year-round celebration, we are honoring 40 people and organizations that helped CALED reach our 40 year anniversary. Reaching this milestone as the world is dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is especially meaningful as we are once again reminded of the valuable role economic developers play in economic recovery and resiliency. CALED is pleased to be the association serving and representing California’s local economic developers, and we are grateful for the contributions of our 40 at 40 that help allow us to proactively help during this unique time.

40 economic development


California Economic development is a reflection of its community’s great passion and infinite diversity – Lawrence Acosta, PG&E

Mark Buell

I have very fond memories of the first organizing meetings to create CALED.  Congratulations on making it bigger and better with each passing year.

Bill Carney

Concerning the practice of economic development, I know of no other activity from which so much is expected and about which so little is understood.

Daniel Carrigg

I first became familiar with CALED 30 years ago while working for a legislator who supported local community and economic development; the organization remains effective due to the continued engagement of many talented local officials.

Paula Connors

I am so proud to be associated with ALL the local government folks I was lucky to meet during my time at CALED working on annual conferences as well as CEDA. CALED has maintained its single focus on local economic development through these years and it is important to continue that good work!

Tonya Dowse

Mike Dozier

CALED is our organization. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate and stay active.

Dept. of Commerce, EDA

EDA’s partnership with CALED is one of our best tools for meeting our mandate of supporting bottom-up economic development in economically distressed areas.

Will Marshal
Malinda Matson
Len Smith

Steve Giacomi

Involved in the formation of CALED as a way to bring the Economic Development efforts statewide into a cohesive effort.

Jessica Gonzales

It is an honor to be part of CALED, an organization that truly empowers economic developers to embrace innovative and forward thinking approaches in growing our local economies. Through CALED’s network economic developers  are advancing measures to support our local businesses.

Kevin Ham

My experience has shown that CALED supports its members by providing an effective and committed team that provides the insight, training and direction that Economic Developers need to be leaders in their community.

Stephen Harding

After 38 years, 58 client agencies, $5 Billion in real estate transactions, and countless strategic plans, the biggest professional rewards came from Head Start Program graduations.

Matthew Hargrove

CALED gets things done – no fluff or flash but oodles of umph and results.

Bruce Kern

CALED provides the platform for member collaboration and professional development that is key to the advancement of economic development in California.

Larry Kosmont

CALED has enabled our profession to have a significant voice in positioning economic development as a priority for all of California.

Aaron Laurel

Vern Lawson

The opportunity to be involved in the early years of CALED was more fun than you might think. CALED allowed me to develop relationships that have evolved in to life long friendships.

David Lyman

Robert Nash

Marc Nemanic

CALED has been and continues to be a trusted 3CORE partner. The statewide perspective CALED brings to the table is critical.

Jim Rabe

It has been a pleasure to work with CALED to help cities and counties and teach economic developers.

Craig School of Business at CSU Fresno

Lori Few, Emil Milevoj and Sal Rana

CALED’s role in advancing economic development in California is profound, and Fresno State is proud to collaborate in this important venture.

Kay Reynolds

I was there at the beginning and became CALED’s first Executive Director. I am so proud of what it has become.

Karen Rich

Tim Rios

Wells Fargo

CALED is a treasure in California and I feel fortunate to have partnered with the organization over the years.

Carrie Rogers

Proud to be part of CALED’s leadership, playing an integral role in ED achievements throughout California for more than eight years.

Gurbax Sahota

It’s an honor leading CALED and representing California’s economic developers as you work hard day in and day out to make a difference in your communities.

Judie Scalise

You can always count on CALED to be a thought leader on behalf of the economic development community.

Wayne Schell

Jim Simon

I’m humbled and honored to be recognized by CALED, and want to encourage others who are on the fence about stepping forward to know there is a seat for you and your voice is needed.

Randy Starbuck

Being part of CALED has blessed me some terrific friends who are some of the most caring and supportive people I have ever known.

Bruce Stenslie

Michelle Stephens

While working for CALED over the past 10 years, it’s been rewarding to support local economic developers and see our growth as an organization.

Ben Stone

CALED has been a terrific source of learning, advice, ideas, friendship– and much more!

USDA - Rural Development

Chuck Wolfe

Every interaction with CALED and its members makes me a better person and a better economic development professional.

California Enterprise Development Authority (CEDA) – Pivotal Partners

Swan Asbury

CEDA – City of Eureka

Economic Development is all about connections, CALED keeps Eureka connected to the rest of California.

Sam Balisy

CEDA – Kutak Rock

Dan Bronfman


CALED’s commitment to advancing the economic development profession has been unwavering for 40 years and the organization has met the challenge of delivering critical programs and services to the diverse communities and economies across California.

Chenin Dow

CEDA – City of Lancaster

Working in economic development has been an incredible opportunity to serve and build our community.  CALED has provided support and knowledge throughout my career, and recent months have undeniably demonstrated what an asset such a strong organization can be.

Teresa Gallavan

CEDA – City of Selma

Elisabeth Lee

CEDA – Kutak Rock

Jessica Shaham

CEDA – Kutak Rock

Tracy Tosta

CEDA – City of Selma

The City of Selma values the connection to CALED as a cornerstone of long lasting education and support for our evolving local economy.

Sydney Yeseta

CEDA – City of Lancaster

Governor’s Office

Governor's Office






Chris Dombrowski

Governor’s Office

Panorea Avdis

Governor’s Office

Mather Kearney

Governor’s Office

Southern California Edison

Michael Curley

Southern California Edison

Jeff Lebow

Southern California Edison

CALED offers ED professions the opportunity to benefit from the collective knowledge of others.

Mike Nuby

Southern California Edison

CALED has clearly demonstrated that it is the leader for economic development in California and has provided me with opportunities to develop my economic development skills and foster key strategic relationships with my fellow economic development professionals. Thank you CALED!

Tod Sword

Southern California Edison

CALED has been a wonderful professional resource to learn the latest in economic development, learn from experienced peers and work together resolve issues great and small that impact our economy.  I’m honored to be a part of this group that does such important work for the many who may never know.

US Foreign Commercial Service

Seth Isenberg

US Foreign Commercial Service

CALED is an outstanding economic development partner to SelectUSA, always focused on being inclusive, caring, professional, and creative in executing its mission!

George Tastard

US Foreign Commercial Service