Tool Created to Help Foreign Enterprises Locate in CA


The California FDI Tech Guide is a how-to tool for foreign tech-based companies looking to expand into California, meant to help them navigate important decisions and make appropriate plans so they can be successful when they locate here. It has a great checklist and associated resources for key items business owners should be considering before, during, and after their move. Feel free to use this in your FDI attraction efforts – including if you are attending SelectUSA’s Summit this week.

This tool is also designed to assist with an economic developer’s FDI attraction efforts. We only showcased a handful of economic development organizations (EDOs) to give foreign entrepreneurs a sense of how an EDO can help them. The EDO section is linked to our membership directory to help them connect to California’s economic development network as well.

The guide is made possible through the support of the U.S. Commercial Service (USFCS), including sharing expertise from senior staff as well as writing contributions from the following interns provided through Virtual Student Federal Service program; Julia Braeuner, Indiana University Bloomington; Nailah Pierce, University of Massachusetts Amherst; and, Grace Thomas, The University of Texas at Austin.

With CALED’s extensive statewide reach and network of local economic development organizations, we are a natural fit as a strategic partner to help amplify the messaging and reach of the Guide. We are pleased to present this FDI attraction tool for your use and look forward to working with our USFCS partners to provide updates as needed.


Read guide here.