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“California is the home of headquarters and support facilities for several cruise lines including Princess and Crystal Cruises; it has four major cruise ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego and San Francisco.

Last year the ports generated nearly 2.2 million passenger visits and crew arrivals, or 8% of the nation’s total. Those visits fueled an estimated $151 million in passenger and crew onshore spending, or about $70 per passenger visit and crew arrival, CLIA reported. That was up 4.9% from 2016.

When total direct spending by passengers, crews and vendors who support the ships are figured in, that number topped $2.5 billion, or 10.4% of expenditures nationwide. That includes spending on everything from food, souveniers and theme parks, to boilers, laundry equipment and industrial machinery. Tourism-related industries received 36 percent of the industry’s direct expenditures, with additional spending in the manufacturing sector and various advertising agencies.”

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