Public Hearings and Protest Proceedings

Notice and Hold 1st Public Hearing – Hear Public Comment Notice and Hold 2nd Public Hearing – Consider Comments, Modify or Reject Plan Notice and Hold 3rd Public Hearing/Protest Proceeding – Consider All Protests and Adopt or Terminate Plan May Adopt if less than 25% file protest Hold Election if 25-50% file protest (within 90 [...]

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Community Meeting

Notice of informational meeting to property owners and residents (via mail and authority website post at least 10 days prior to meeting) Draft Plan made available to public and each property owner Hold informational meeting (at least 30 days prior to Notice of 1st public hearing) Document and review comments

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Prepare Community Revitalization and Investment Plan

Boundary map and legal description Determination of eligibility Goals and objectives Projects and programs Time limits to establish and repay debt   Provide comprehensive list of projects and programs Consider Housing Element and General Plan projects TI limits should provide large buffer to minimize amendments

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Initiate Formal Process

Select Board members If multiple taxing entities, adopt resolution approving MOU to form JPA Adopt resolution(s) consenting to CRIA and property tax contribution rate Transmit consenting resolution to county auditor-controller

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