Initiate Formal Process

Select members of Public Financing Authority (PFA) Establish PFA and adopt Resolution of Intention to establish proposed EIFD Mail Resolution of Intention (or alternate one-page notice) to PFA, each affected taxing entity, and property owners

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Conduct Outreach

Electeds Other Taxing Entities Affected Residents and Property Owners   Explore potential projects to be funded by the EIFD that would entice participation of the County or other taxing agencies Educate stakeholders about EIFDs – not a new tax, not a lien on property Identify property owners who will advocate for formation [...]

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Evaluate EIFD Feasibility

Define/refine Boundaries Estimate Future Assessed Property Values Estimate Increment for Potential Taxing Agencies Identify Public Facilities and Programs Identify Funding Sources in Addition to Tax Increment   Focus on areas with significant growth potential Maximize area Explore available RPTTF and MVLF revenues to kick-start the EIFD Consider establishing project areas to maximize [...]

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