Approvals and Formation

All participating Taxing Entities must approve the IFP prior to PFA forming the EIFD (can be done before 3rd PFA Public Hearing) PFA enacts resolution forming the EIFD at close of 3rd Public Hearing (if less than 25% protest) or at close of Protest Election (if less than majority votes against formation)

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Public Hearings and Protest Proceedings

Notice 1st Public Hearing (No sooner than 30 days after initial PFA meeting) Hold 1st Public Hearing (after 4 weeks of noticing) – No action Notice and hold 2nd Public Hearing (at least 30 days after 1st hearing) – Consider comments, action to modify or reject IFP If IFP not rejected, notice 3rd Public Hearing [...]

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Send IFP to all affected taxing entities and property owners Notice initial PFA information meeting (10 days before meeting) Present Draft IFP Consider Comments  

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Prepare Infrastructure Financing Plan (IFP)

Map and Legal Description List of Facilities and Programs Tax Increment Revenue Projections Financing Plan Fiscal Impacts on Affected Taxing Entities Date District will Cease Replacement Housing Plan District Goals Tax Increment Limits   Provide comprehensive list of projects and programs Projects listed in General Plan are good starting point Tax increment [...]

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