Economic Recovery & Resiliency Professionals RFQ

CALED is pleased to have received a grant from the Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration to create an Economic Development Resiliency and Recovery Playbook – a comprehensive, strategic tool communities can use to prepare for and recover from disasters that impact their economy, including situations where a community experiences economic injury even though they are not experiencing the actual disaster.

This Request for Qualifications is to select qualified volunteers (individuals or firms) to serve as advisors on content for the Playbook. When CALED starts the writing of the playbook, those that are selected for the volunteer pool will have the opportunity to bid on writing sections of the playbook.

Please review the Request for Qualifications below to see if you are interested in submitting a response.

CALED Request for Qualifications

We know that the CALED membership has experience in facilitating economic recovery and resiliency and encourage you to respond to the RFQ if interested. Additionally, please forward the RFQ to people you have worked with on economic recovery and resiliency. Respondents do not need to be CALED members nor economic developers to submit a response.

Submissions are due by April 23rd by 5:00pm.