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Webinar Series Introduction:
Food sustains us – everyone needs to eat. For many new business owners, food entrepreneurship also means family-sustaining wages. Add a dash of passion, need, and economic security and what you have is a recipe for building wealth in immigrant communities and communities of color.The ecosystem in which a business operates has an enormous influence on its success. The five Cs of a strong Local Entrepreneurship Ecosystem are: Coaching, Capital, Connections, Climate, and Culture. Our webinar series will explore three of the 5C’s, (Coaching, Capital, and Climate).

Join us for this New York focused webinar series, that is food for thought on how to support emerging entrepreneurs and transform the entrepreneurial environment for immigrant families and families of color engaged in small business activity. The ultimate goal is to ensure our food entrepreneurs are successful and communities are sustainable.

Webinar #1 Description:
Do clients come to you with their grandmother’s mole recipe and want to develop a business around it? For many Latino and immigrant families, small business development has an outsized financial and cultural importance, often making up a critical element of household income and providing an opportunity to express identity.

Where do they start? What is their growth trajectory? What are the different paths a food business can take? Join us as we talk to coaching experts who will share best practices and strategies to help people start their food businesses.

Feb 9, 2022 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)