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California manufacturers and their customers are quickly learning that companies who automate and are the most flexible and agile enjoy a significant advantage over the competition. They do this by optimizing their processes and ultimately evaluating how and what they need to change to stay ahead with the adequate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology.
During this webinar, Technology Senior Consultant Pandora Ovanessian will discuss a proven approach to selecting an ERP application and using it to gain an edge over the competition.
Key Topics in Business Improvement Opportunities:
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management
  • Reporting and Advanced Analytics
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Meet the Speaker

Pandora Ovanessian
Technology Senior Consultant

Pandora Ovanessian is a technology executive with over 22 years as a CIO experienced in startups, mid-size to multi-billion dollar global operations. Consulting career at Ernst & Young. She has diversified expertise in strategic planning and tactical execution, product development, ERP selections and implementations. She has extensive experience in selecting relevant innovative technologies, leading the technology lifecycle and cost-effective secure infrastructure.