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It is not uncommon for companies to react quickly to solve the symptom of a problem but then have the problem reoccur, since the root cause was not properly addressed. To break free from this expensive routine, it’s important to employ the Quality best practice and problem-solving method known as the Root Cause and Corrective Action process (RCCA). Root Cause and Corrective Action describes a range of tools and techniques used to uncover the causes of manufacturing problems. It is a foundational element of Six Sigma and all Quality program certifications as well as an integral part of a manufacturer’s continuous improvement strategy.

During this advanced quality webinar, CMTC Quality Practice Lead Eliot Dratch will examine the proper application of Root Cause and Corrective Action.


  • Overview of RCCA and Its Importance
  • The Team Approach To Problem-Solving
  • Methodical Investigations
  • ASQ’s Classic Quality Tools
  • Q&A

This webinar is part of CMTC’s 2022 Quality Webinar Series focused on advanced quality planning topics as they pertain to manufacturers. You are encouraged to join as many of the webinars in this series as you would like.