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It’s obvious that poor product or process quality can have a significant impact on a manufacturer’s reputation and bottom line. In almost every case, the underlying cause of quality concerns can be traced back to the processes and procedures that are used during manufacturing. But, we often overlook the quality identity of our companies.

Fortunately, ISO 9004 provides the improvement framework needed to help “ISO-class” companies understand their quality identities to achieve sustained operational success. It was specifically designed to help companies mature and improve their QMS (Quality Management System). It is not prescriptive but instead reframes the concepts and assists companies in identifying the areas in most need of improvement.

During this webinar, CMTC Quality Practice Lead Eliot Dratch will give an overview of the 7 themes in ISO 9004, while providing enough details so companies can see the benefit of applying this standard to their own operational improvements.

This webinar is part of CMTC’s 2022 Quality Webinar Series focused on advanced quality planning topics as they pertain to manufacturers. You are encouraged to join as many of the webinars in this series as you would like.