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This presentation will focus on how to retool local economies quickly and strategically in response to the impacts of “COVID” as related to retail, hotels, tourism, industrial and residential markets. The presentation spotlights the primary shifts in land use and occupancy that are rapidly playing out, identifying sectors that will come back sooner than later, and how to select and implement effective programs that can accomplish recovery in the shorter term and achieve resiliency over the longer term. The webinar will cover how COVID is accelerating a land use revolution that had been initiated prior to the pandemic, one that is restructuring the commercial viability fundamentals for retail industrial, hospitality, office and residential. The presentation introduces new public sector “currency” sources available for economic development transactions and contains Case Studies illustrating the newest economic development tools that can be used on Public /Private Projects in a world of reordered economic priorities and viability.


Larry J. Kosmont, CRE, Chairman & CEO, Kosmont Companies

Kenneth K. Hira, President, Kosmont Companies