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Friday, October 29, 2021
10:00 AM – 01:00 PM


Remote Access Only

The California Energy Commission (CEC) will host a workshop to inform the development of grant incentives for in-state manufacturing of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), ZEV-related manufacturing including ZEV parts, components, batteries, and fueling infrastructure equipment. The purpose of the workshop is to solicit public input and comment prior to issuance of the grant funding solicitation.


The workshop will be held remotely, consistent with Assembly Bill 361 (Rivas, Chapter 165, Statutes of 2021) to improve and enhance public access to state agency meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic and future emergencies by allowing broader access through teleconferencing options. The public can participate in the workshop consistent with the direction provided below. Please note that the CEC aims to begin promptly at the start time posted and the end time is an estimate based on the agenda proposed. The workshop may end sooner or later than the posted end time depending on various factors. A quorum of commissioners may participate, but no votes will be taken.

Notice and Agenda

Remote Attendance

The meeting workshop may be accessed by clicking the Zoom link below or visiting Zoom at https://join.zoom.us and entering the ID and password for the workshop listed below. If you experience difficulties joining, contact Zoom at (888) 799-9666 ext. 2 or the Public Advisor’s Office at publicadvisor@energy.ca.gov, at (916) 957-7910.


Link to Workshop: The Zoom link for the workshop is available at:
Workshop ID: 969 4136 2483
Workshop Password: 890835


Use the “raise hand feature” to indicate you want to speak and the event facilitator will indicate when your line is open and ready for you to make comment.


To Participate by Telephone, dial (669) 219-2599 or Toll-Free at (877) 853-5257. When prompted, enter the ID: 969 4136 2483. To comment, dial *9 to “raise your hand” and *6 to mute/unmute your phone line. International numbers available: https://energy.zoom.us/u/abnrqDBSWx


Zoom’s closed captioning service will be enabled for the meeting. Attendees can use the service by clicking on the “live transcript” icon and then choosing either “show subtitle” or “view full transcript. The closed captioning service can be stopped by exiting out of the “live transcript” or selecting the “hide subtitle” icon. Closed captioning cannot be exited by phone.