Future Forward Business Ignitor Course


Sierra Commons and the Sierra SBDC bring you the Future Forward Business Ignitor Course As Fall approaches, changes to our local economy are accelerating. The end of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and shifting job market dynamics are leading many people to reevaluate their personal and professional priorities. Entrepreneurship may now be the best option for those working towards a [...]

Your Way Into International Taxation


International Taxation has always been one of the most complicated topics and poses many challenges for the exporting businesses. Please join us in this webinar to learn more. We will have an expert joining us to talk about the topic and dive in-depth about the international taxation for digital services: Overview of the current international tax [...]

Patent basics


Do you want to learn the basic facts about patents? Join us as we explore the different types of patents, including utility, design, and plant. You will discover the difference between both provisional patent applications and non-provisional patent applications, and how to use them. Further, you will learn about the process of patent prosecution, the [...]