CALED’s Economic Development Finance & Real Estate Committee

As we evolve to meet the needs of our members, CALED has restructured its committees and created a broader Economic Development Finance & Real Estate Committee (EDFRE). The EDFRE will further the economic development profession in California by providing leadership on the technical – often described as transactional – side of economic development through investigation, education, and advocacy of various economic development finance and real estate tools.

The EDFRE combines and broadens the expertise that was previously found in CALED’s Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and Brownfields & Land Revitalization (BLRC) Committees.

The committee members will review, synthesize, and create educational materials for the benefit of the CALED membership and make policy recommendations to the Board.

This will consist of reviewing existing or emerging economic development finance and real estate tools with a focus on implementation at the local level. This may result in the creation of reports, primers, and best practice documents that will be disseminated to the CALED membership and other stakeholders to educate and improve the use of these tools within California communities.

Through this work, the EDFRE Committee will share their findings with the board on economic development finance and real estate tools. The committee may also create policy and legislative recommendations for the CALED Board to consider.

For a review of the available Economic Development Finance Tools, see the resources below:
*In light of recent legislative action, the EDFRE Committee is updating the tools below. Please check back in early 2022 for updated versions of the documents below. 

TIF Booklet created in 2016
California’s Economic Development Financing Tools updated in 2020
California’s Brownfield Funding & Liability Relief Tools created in 2019
How to Create an EIFD created in 2020

Download the EDFRE Charter