From CAMEO-Check Out the MicroTracker Census & In-depth Analysis of Past Small Business Census Data

*Provided by CAMEO

CAMEO partners with FIELD at the Aspen Institute to conduct a census of California’s microbusiness programs using the microTracker platform.

CAMEO members that fill out the Census by the end of October will receive $100 toward lunch for their staff. Accion San Diego took their entire staff to lunch. Email Andrew when you’ve completed your survey for your ‘free lunch’ as well as help on filling out the Census. Andrew can also help you and your organization complete the survey.

To get an idea of what information we glean from the microTracker census, download our in-depth analysis of last year’s census data, which was recently published. You’ll find a lot of interesting information about the state of the CAMEO network and the overall trend of the micro sector in California.

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