Current Legislative Action


CALED has led the way in teaching economic developers, local elected officials, and state representatives the value of economic development and how it is used to grow businesses, generate revenue to support community development programs, and retain and create quality jobs. CALED provides tools and resources to enrich and empower their communities to build, wealthy, healthy, viable economies. One of the many ways we accomplish this is through legislative action.

As CALED drives further into this legislative session, we are looking to advance our priorities and will continue to work with partners on issues impacting economic development.

CALED Legislative Outlook Webinar – February 3, 2021

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Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Small Business Roundtable – October 15, 2020

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California Statewide Economic Development Briefing – September 30, 2020

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CALED Releases Economic Development Analysis of California Proposition 15 and Proposition 19 – September 2020

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Many Moving Pieces in Governor’s Zero-Emission Executive Order

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CALED Releases Update on Approved CA Budget that Impacts Economic Development

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CALED Releases Recommendations to Accelerate Recovery

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CALED’s Board of Directors approved the following legislative priorities for 2020

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Priority 1

Legislation focused on the future of Tax Increment Financing

Priority 2

Bills that have significant impact on jurisdictions’ ability to engage in and implement economic development

Priority 3

Create a specific ask for tools and resources for economic development

Legislative Action Committee Members

The CALED Board of Directors confirmed the creation of our Legislative Action Committee (LAC) and adopted the guiding policy for how this group would review legislation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Robert Burris, President and CEO of Solano EDC is the Chair for the LAC. Furthermore, this page includes current bills we have taken a position on and upcoming important legislative events that you should be aware of.

Robert Burris

Chair, President & CEO of Solano EDC

Matthew Hargrove

Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs for California Business Properties Association (CBPA)

Aaron Laurel

City Manager, City of West Sacramento

Gurbax Sahota

President and CEO of California Association for Local Economic Development

Gregg Foster

Executive Director, Redwood Region Economic Development Commission

Carolyn Hull

General Manager, City of Los Angeles EWDD

Tim Padden

Economic Development Manager, City of Vacaville

Kendall Levan

Principal Attorney, Kane, Ballmer & Berkman

Bobby Kahn

Executive Director, Madera County EDC

Steven J. Lantsberger, CED; EDFP; HDFP

Economic Development Director, San Joaquin County Employment & Economic Development Dept.

Download the 2021 Tentative Legislative Calendar here

If you would like to know more about CALED’s Legislative priorities, successes, and current legislative bills list, please contact Laura Cole-Rowe,, 916-448-8252 ext:13