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Current Legislative Action


CALED has led the way in teaching economic developers, local elected officials, and state representatives the value of economic development and how it is used to grow businesses, generate revenue to support community development programs, and retain and create quality jobs. CALED provides tools and resources to enrich and empower their communities to build, wealthy, healthy, viable economies. One of the many ways we accomplish this is through legislative action.

As CALED drives further into this legislative session, we are looking to advance our priorities and will continue to work with partners on issues impacting economic development. Some of the major themes in 2019 are around housing affordability, alternatives to redevelopment, incentive programs for economic development, and other economic development strategies.

CALED’s Economic Development Policy Recommendations

On January 16, 2019 the California Association for Local Economic Development Board and Legislative Action Committee convened the following organizations and legislators in economic development:

  • Senator Connie Leyva
  • Senator Jim Beale
  • Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes, Chair for the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy
  • Chief Consultant for Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy
  • California Business Properties Association
  • California State Association of Counties
  • California Manufacturers and Technology Association
  • California Small Business Development Centers
  • CA Association of Micro Enterprise Opportunity
  • California Workforce Association
  • The League of California Cities
  • Rural County Representatives of California
  • California Forward
  • California Treasurers Office
  • Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)

See each priorities here

CALED’s Board of Director’s approved the following legislative priorities for 2019

View CALED’s Legislative Policy 

Priority 1

Review and make recommendations to improve already existing state financing tools for economic development, including tax increment financing programs, Community Development Block Grant for non-entitlement communities, and Opportunity Zones

Priority 2

Seek and champion new tools and resources for economic development

Priority 3

Work actively and strategically to create relationships and partnerships with new state economic development staff and leaders, such as GO-Biz appointees, senior economic development policy advisors in the Governor’s office, and the Lt. Governor’s Economic Development Commission

Legislative Action Committee Members

The CALED Board of Directors confirmed the creation of our Legislative Action Committee (LAC) and adopted the guiding policy for how this group would review legislation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Aaron Laurel, Economic Development & Housing Director for the City of West Sacramento and Robert Burris, President and CEO of Solano EDC, are the Co-Chairs for the LAC. Furthermore, this page includes current bills we have taken a position on and upcoming important legislative events that you should be aware of.

Aaron Laurel

Co-Chair, City Manger, City of West Sacramento

Robert Burris

Co-Chair, President & CEO of Solano EDC

Gurbax Sahota

President and CEO of California Association for Local Economic Development

Matthew Hargrove

Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs for California Business Properties Association (CBPA)

Jason Haider

Founder and CEO of Xenco Medical

Roxann Haynes

Executive Director of the Del Norte Economic Development Corporation

Bills We Have Taken a Position On

This year CALED has a total of 69 bills that we are monitoring. These bills align with our approved board legislative priorities. If you would like to see a copy of our bills list, please email Alphonse Wilfred at alphonse@caled.org

Name Author Brief Description CALED Position Status
SB 128: Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts: Bonds: Issuance Senator Beall Removes the vote requirement for issuing Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) bonds voter Sponsoring
See our Sponsorship letter here
In Committee
SB 5: Local-State Sustainable Investment Incentive Program Senator Beall and Senator McGuire This bill allows local governments to collaborate on state-approved redevelopment plans, which would be funded by reducing their contributions to local Education Revenue Augmentation Funds (ERAFs). Funding can be used for the following five purposes: (1) affordable housing, (2) transit-oriented development, (3) infill development, (4) revitalizing and restoring neighborhoods, and (5) planning for sea level rise. Supporting
See our letter of support here
In Committee

Upcoming Events