Need help Attracting Grocery Stores? Check out Buxton’s Article on How to do so

*From Buxton 

Attracting grocery stores to historically underserved areas is a challenge; however, grocery store operators are integrating new location strategies that literally bring the store closer to the consumer. These changing strategies mean that there are opportunities for communities to engage with grocers who may have passed on their markets in the past.

Successfully recruiting a grocery store requires an aggressive marketing strategy that first proves the economic viability of a new store by:

  • Illustrating that the community’s trade area captures the grocer’s core customers
  • Expressing the category dollar demand for grocery generated by the consumers within the trade area
  • Showing the merchandise items by brand already preferred by local shoppers in the trade area
  • Demonstrating that the new store’s trade area will not encroach upon, or cannibalize, the operator’s existing locations

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