How can your jurisdiction support economic development? Check out this list for some practical examples to help create an environment that attracts investment and where businesses and residents can thrive.

Economic Development Checklist


  • Do you have a community vision informed by data and supported by input from your residents?
  • Do you have an economic development strategy?
  • Do you have an economic development element in your general plan?
  • Are the elected leaders on the same page regarding economic development priorities?


  • Is your permit process accessible online?
  • Do you have a permit process flow chart, with timing and fees clearly noted online?
  • Can you provide over-the-counter approvals?
  • Can you assist developers by providing a pre-check or pre-planning meeting with relevant departments?
  • Do developers have ability to view their project status 24/7 Online?
  • Does the jurisdiction offer ombudsman services to help projects through the process?

Business Support

  • Do you conduct regular business outreach?
  • Do you offer or partner to offer training and education for your businesses?
  • Do you provide site selection assistance
  • If you require a business license, is the form available online?
  • When assisting businesses, do you follow up with customer satisfaction surveys?
  • Do you have a dedicated business section on city website?
  • Does your jurisdiction communicate regularly with businesses through newsletters, leadership gatherings, social media, etc.?
  • Have you create a business resource guide?
  • Is your economic development content available in multiple languages?
  • Do you have special zones or resources for businesses?
    • Tax Increment Financing Districts
    • Industrial Development Bonds
    • Foreign Trade Zone
    • Recycling Market Development Zones
    • Business Improvement District(s)
    • Sales Tax Sharing Agreements
    • Lease/Tenant Subsidies
    • Facade Improvement Program
    • Business License Fee Reduction/Waiver
    • Business Loans or Other Types of Financing
    • Other Workforce Programs Provided for Businesses
    • Film Friendly Ordinance

Quality of Life

  • Do you have data or objective information to explain why your community is a great place to live and work?
    • Job Opportunities for residents
    • Low Crime Rate/Business Watch
    • Affordable and Comprehensive Housing Options
    • Comprehensive Transportation Options
    • Quality Infrastructure
    • Distinguished Schools
    • Trade School(s)
    • Shopping and Dining Amenities
    • Cultural & Entertainment Amenities
    • Parks and Recreational Facilities

Thank you to Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) for their contribution to the checklist.