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Projects in Economic Development Submission Form

We are asking volunteer communities to send in in-depth analysis of an economic development project/program that they started from 1980-2018. The deadline has been extended so please send in all information by June 5, 2019 at 5:00pm (PST) to be considered.. Accepted submissions will be included in our EDlerts, be placed on the CALED website, and included in the 2019 Fall and Winter Journals.

(500 words max)
Provide links to any relevant data or information - use this as a helpful guide:
(500 Words Max)
(500 Words Max)

Pictures of a material used during the program

Logo, slogan, picture from event, etc. (JPG and PDF - less than 2MB)

Before & after photos

Option upload (JPG or PDF)


Requirements for Projects in Economic Development

  1. The project/program must have started its implementation phase between 1980-2018
  2. Project/program must have been recognized (i.e. local, state, federal, or other publications and send us a link to it)
  3. Project/program must show how it will have or has had a greater impact on economic development in the community
  4. Must answer each question in 500 words or less
  5. Must be submitted through this online portal
  6. Must attach current pictures of the project (max 5). If it is a program, then it can be the following:
    1. Picture of a material used during the program (logo, slogan, picture from event, etc.). Participants can send in a before and after picture as well
  7. All pictures must be in a JPG or PDF format