1. Notice and Hold 1st Public Hearing – Hear Public Comment
  2. Notice and Hold 2nd Public Hearing – Consider Comments, Modify or Reject Plan
  3. Notice and Hold 3rd Public Hearing/Protest Proceeding – Consider All Protests and Adopt or Terminate Plan
    1. May Adopt if less than 25% file protest
    2. Hold Election if 25-50% file protest (within 90 days)
    3. Terminate if over 50% of property owners and residents file protest


  1. Newspaper notice of 1st public hearing published once a week for four weeks
  2. Newspaper notices of 2nd and 3rd public hearings published at least 10 days prior to hearings
  3. Notice of all hearings mailed to affected property owners and residents and posted on authority website and at least 10 days prior to hearing
  4. Public Hearings held at least 30 days apart