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Who We Are


The California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) is the premier statewide professional economic development organization dedicated to advancing its members’ ability to achieve excellence in delivering economic development services to their communities and business clients. CALED’s membership consists of public and private organizations and individuals involved in economic development: the business of creating and retaining jobs.

CALED Chairs

Current Chair: Jason Crawford

Past CALED Chairs

1980-1982 : Mark Buell
1982-1984 : Hugh Loftus
1984-1986 : Victor Grgas
1986-1987 : Steven Giacom
1987-1988 : Vern Lawson
1988-1989 : Sean Quinn
1989-1990 : Marc Grisham
1990-1991 : Steve Harding
1991-1992 : Al Gianini
1992-1993 : Kurt Chilcott
1993-1995 : Cindy Nelson
1995-1997 : Steve Dukett
1997-1999 : Bill Carney
1999-2001 : Barry Sedlik
2001-2003 : Leslie Parks
2003-2005 : David Biggs
2005-2007 : Paul Saldana
2007-2009 : Bruce Ackerman
2009-2011 : Kathy Millison
2011-2013: Cindy Trobitz-Thomas
2013-2015: Bruce Stenslie
2015-2017: Kevin Ham

CALED supports its members through information, technical assistance, training, education, and research. Begun in 1980, CALED has grown to over 800 members, representing cities, counties, state and federal agencies, economic development corporations, and the private sector. CALED, through its own programs and through its management of the California Academy for Economic Development, provides professional training to economic development professionals. Supportive research includes data development and analysis, modeling, and policy analysis. Specific projects focus on sustainable development, regional competition, financing, and technological support for economic development.

CALED also sponsored the creation of the California Enterprise Development Authority to provide low-cost financing alternatives to California nonprofits and manufacturers.

CALED bylaws