Local Examples of Business Assistance/Programs to Help During the COVID-19 Outbreak:

Communication, Websites, & Marketing

Business Permitting & Logistics

  • The City of Redding used utility funds, CDBG funds, and Cap and Trade funds to inject over $30 million into the local economy and create or retain 328 jobs. The City’s program included refunding utility deposits, waiving late fees, increasing grants for utility payments for low income residents, deferring Transient Occupancy Tax, refunding utility deposits, providing grants for micro-businesses, and contracting with local business for the provision of $20 million worth of goods and services.
  • City of Tehachapi passed a temporary policy allowing people to defer utility payments
  • City & County of San Francisco has deferred business taxes & license fees
  • For local manufacturing businesses, Manex President & CEO, Gene Russell noted that, “it is important to have a county by county ruling on essential Manufacturing categories that are exempt from closure, and to make their businesses aware” in light of the “shelter in place” order. Watch for Bay Area Manufacturing updates here.
  • Mono County is providing a Self-Certification Portal for businesses wanting to re-open
  • San Bernardino County is offering grants to businesses to help offset costs of COVID-19 compliance

Loans & Grants

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In the future, remember to “Outsmart Disaster” by helping your local businesses prepare for emergencies.